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ESRC Pathfinder Network on the Brazilian Economy

Caros leitores (as), segue abaixo o link para os resultados do projeto que fiz em 2011, com os economitsas Nauro Campos, Cecília Lustosa e Carlos Eduardo Yung. Minha parte foi sobre criminalidade no Brasil e ciclos econômicos, desarmamento, homicídios, etc. Infelizmente não há versão em portugues:


The project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) between March 2010 and March 2012.

Since the mid 1990's, Brazil embarked on a deep process of economic restructuring. The economy gradually opened up to international trade and investment, while unique social programs were put in place with significant implications for regional and income inequality. This has been accompanied by a substantial acceleration in the growth rates of per capita GDP. Although these rates are still low compared to those of China and India and, to a lesser extent, Russia, growth in Brazil differs from that in the other “Rising Powers” in important areas affecting the sustainability of the growth process itself.

This research project focuses on three of these aspects: innovation, inequality and crime. The PBR network was funded to conduct research examining the relationship between economic restructuring, on the one hand, and the accelerating environmental degradation, urban crime and regional inequality in this period in Brazil, on the other. Each of these areas represents one important barrier to the sustainability of the process of economic restructuring.

Crime, inequality, and environmental degradation all entail social costs and the project documents, and analyse how the potential importance of each has changed (albeit in rather different ways) in Brazil since the mid-1990s and discuss the wide implications for policy, as well as for future academic research.

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